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Distinguished Faculty Awards

The Distinguished Faculty awards recognize outstanding achievements in clinical care, community service, research and teaching. They are co-sponsored by the dean’s office, the Office of Faculty Affairs, Central Administration and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council.

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  • Thomas C. Bailey, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    Thomas C. Bailey, MD, professor of medicine, is honored for his outstanding contributions to the care of patients with infectious... MORE»

  • Kathleen K. Bucholz, PhD, MPH, MPE

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Kathleen K. Bucholz, PhD, MPH, MPE, professor of psychiatry, is recognized for her enthusiastic and generous commitment to mentoring postdoctoral... MORE»

  • Anne M. Connolly, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    Anne M. Connolly, MD, professor of neurology and of pediatrics, is recognized for her outstanding dedication to the care of... MORE»

  • Douglas F. Covey, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Douglas F. Covey, PhD, professor of pharmacology in developmental biology, of anesthesiology and of psychiatry, is honored for his innovative... MORE»

  • Farrokh Dehdashti, MD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Farrokh Dehdashti, MD, professor of radiology at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, is honored for her seminal efforts to identify and... MORE»

  • Susan K. Dutcher, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Susan K. Dutcher, PhD, professor of genetics and of cell biology and physiology, is honored as a distinguished educator for... MORE»

  • Timothy E. Holy, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Timothy E. Holy, PhD, associate professor of neuroscience and of biomedical engineering, is honored for his contributions to the field... MORE»

  • Steven J. Lawrence, MD, MSc

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Steven J. Lawrence, MD, MSc, associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, is honored for his outstanding... MORE»

  • Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD, professor of neurology, of radiology and of biomedical engineering, is honored for his strong commitment to... MORE»

  • Mauricio Lisker-Melman, MD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Mauricio Lisker-Melman, MD, professor of medicine, is honored for his devotion to teaching and his extraordinary dedication to mentoring residents... MORE»

  • William H. McAlister, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    William H. McAlister, MD, professor of radiology and of pediatrics, is being honored for his more than 60-year career in... MORE»

  • Lisa M. Moscoso, MD, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Lisa M. Moscoso, MD, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics, associate dean for student affairs and co-chief of the division of... MORE»

  • Jacqueline E. Payton, MD, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Jacqueline E. Payton, MD, PhD, assistant professor of pathology and immunology in the Division of Laboratory and Genomic Medicine, is... MORE»

  • Sheng-Kwei “Victor” Song, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Sheng-Kwei “Victor” Song, PhD, professor of radiology, is honored as a distinguished investigator for his innovative contributions focused on novel... MORE»

  • Jennifer S. Stith, PT, PhD, LCSW

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Jennifer S. Stith, PT, PhD, LCSW, professor of physical therapy and of neurology, is honored for her excellence in educating... MORE»

  • David C. Van Essen, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    David C. Van Essen, PhD, the Alumni Endowed Professor of Neuroscience, professor of biomedical engineering and past chair of the... MORE»