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Whether you are part of our community or are interested in joining us, we welcome you to Washington University School of Medicine.



Our students thrive in a challenging environment fueled by our aim for excellence, strengthened by a spirit of camaraderie, and charged by our shared resolve to improve care.

Promoting collaboration across scientific and healthcare disciplines, Washington University School of Medicine creates an optimal atmosphere for students preparing to lead the future of health and medicine.

Upon receiving their new white coats, incoming medical students make a pledge — an oath written by the MD students as a class — to their patients and profession. Above, watch the oath recited by the entering class of 2017 at the White Coat Ceremony.

Comprehensive facilities and a world-renowned faculty provide students with a supportive environment to acquire a scientific foundation and develop the skills, attitudes, knowledge and commitments necessary to perform clinical and research activities at the highest level.

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U.S. News & World Report ranks several Washington University School of Medicine programs – including medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy and audiology – among the best in the nation.

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