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Match Day

Match Day 2021:
March 19, 2021
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Match Day is an annual, nationwide event. On this day, graduating medical students across the country find out which specialties, and which hospitals or care centers, they have matched to for their residency training.

At Match Day 2021, many students said the COVID-19 pandemic directly influenced their career paths. “As a medical student, it has been tough to observe from the sidelines and not fully contribute and help alleviate the workload. I am looking forward to playing my role by taking care of sick patients soon,” said Connie Gan. Read the full story »

Weeks before Match Day, the students submit their preferred residency programs to the National Resident Matching Program, which uses an algorithm to make the assignments.

When Match Day arrives, graduating medical students – at Washington University and around the country – gather with classmates, family members and mentors to open the envelopes revealing the next step in their careers. Inside, they discover where they will spend the next years of their lives training to become surgeons, pediatricians, neurologists or physicians in other specialties.

Match Day is the culmination of four years of medical school and months of applications and interviews. At Washington University School of Medicine, students are supported and encouraged along their journeys, as each seeks to find his or her best match. Here, students get a world-class medical education that fully prepares them for the challenges and rigors of residency training.

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Match Day 2021