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Cooper named director of center for primary immunodeficiencies

Newly established Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic and Research Center is at SLCH

April 5, 2018

Tim Mudrovic

Megan Cooper, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of pediatrics and of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, has been named director of the Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic and Research Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Cooper will use resources provided by the center to improve the availability of diagnostic testing and novel targeted therapies for children with primary immunodeficiencies (PIs). She and her team also will seek to increase awareness about PIs by working to educate residents, fellows and medical peers.

PIs include a group of more than 350 genetic disorders of the immune system. They affect at least 1 in 500 people, most frequently occur in children and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated early.

The newly named center adds St. Louis Children’s and Washington University to the Jeffrey Modell Centers Network. To read about the center and the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, see this news release.