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William D. Middleton, MD

William D. Middleton, MD, professor of radiology at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR), is honored for his outstanding contributions to patient care and his innovative work in diagnostic ultrasound.

He is acknowledged as the architect behind the expansion and subsequent international recognition of the ultrasound service at Washington University School of Medicine.

Since performing the seminal research on shoulder sonography as a resident, he has developed and expanded the musculoskeletal ultrasound service at MIR and has passionately promoted the technique nationally. His reputation led to his invitation to provide ultrasound imaging for injured athletes at the 2002 Olympic Games. His unique technical skills as an ultrasonographer also led to dramatic increases in the use of Doppler to study the abdominal vasculature and the use of ultrasound to guide percutaneous needle biopsies throughout the body.

A national leader in ultrasound, he is a fellow and charter member of the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound, has been on the editorial board of six journals, has published more than 150 scientific articles, and was the chair of the committee that wrote the original American Board of Radiology certifying examinations for ultrasound.

A highly respected educator, Middleton has received three Teacher of the Year awards in radiology. His textbook, Ultrasound: The Requisites, in its third edition in 2016, and his Case Review: General and Vascular Ultrasound are considered the core texts for ultrasound training. He has impacted the lives of thousands of patients through his inspiration and education of residents, fellows and technologists.

Middleton earned his medical degree from Duke University. He completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Washington University and a subsequent fellowship in cross-sectional imaging at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He joined the Washington University faculty in 1987.

Published: 02/15/2016