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Administration & Finance

Our Division’s Approach


The Administration and Finance Division is committed to fulfilling Washington University School of Medicine’s mission by providing community guidance, expertise, and services that are valued, effective, efficient and that demonstrate highly responsible stewardship of financial, human and physical resources.


The Washington University School of Medicine Administration and Finance Division will employ best practices to be a strategic partner, service provider and resource steward to the university community in support of the university’s vision and mission.


The Administration and Finance Division’s actions are characterized by these values:

Working as engaged partners with all areas of the university by openly share information, knowledge and best practices across the organization with the realization that we are dependent on each other for the university’s success.

Viewing ourselves as service centers in support of the university’s mission by anticipating the needs of those we serve and offering proactive and flexible solutions.

Responsibly providing valued service, representation and expertise.

Ethical Behavior
Leading by example through honesty, respectfulness and understanding of the impact to the community.

Positive, Safe Environment
Promoting the highest regard for protecting personal well-being, inclusiveness and diversity.

Effective and Transparent in Communication
Participating in constructive dialogue and open exchange among all constituents by readily and openly providing information to communicate our work status, priorities and deadlines.