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Brad Kinnear, MA, LPC - Students
Mr. Kinnear utilizes a variety of clinical approaches including brain-based strategies, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and mindfulnes.

Crowned Head - Common Reader
brain. Tin foil or the metal end of a pencil eraser in contact with the work created galvanic shock. ... Best of all, she offers twilight anesthesia. Due to my training as a military diver, I have a special anxiety of drowning in my juices while lying

Studying the effects of traumatic brain injury in war zones
The findings suggest that care for military personnel with brain injuries should be broadened to include psychological evaluations earlier in the process. ... Still, there may be unique aspects of military brain injury that are not true in the civilian

Loyalty Tests - Common Reader
Guaranteeing the quality of party-member activities.”. The AI was tested by reading brain waves and analyzing facial scans while people read articles about the Chinese Communist Party. ... My brain has made the tacit assumption that the AI could give

The Stupid Fate of Scary Movies and the Smart Fears of Life - Common Reader
We were in shape and had trained in military weapons, and the monsters in those movies were as nonthreatening as targets shaped like Soviet soldiers that popped up on ranges. ... More brains,” we groaned for weeks. Asked what should be shown tonight, I

Mistaken Enmity - Common Reader
of Pakistan as a closed off central brain, the Taliban are imperfect people. ... in The Wrong Enemy, it is that readers should be skeptical about all levels of the American military.

Menelaos Karanikolas, MD, MPH - Washington University Physicians
Louis, Missouri. Residency 1989 401 Military Hospital, Athens, Greece. Residency 1993 Anesthesiology, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St.

Past Events Landing Page | Center for the Humanities
Search all events. Search. Categories. Choose Year:. January 25 to 26. 2019 Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry Conference. Umrath Lounge. Jan 25-. Jan 26. 2019 Modeling Interdisciplinary Inquiry Conference. Umrath Lounge. February 01, 2019. 4:00 PM.

Faculty Involvement in Residential Life - Students
Dr. Brian Carpenter (Former Faculty Fellow in the Village and Professor of Psychology) reports, “Before living on campus, I knew students from the brain up.

Robert C. McKinstry, MD, PhD | Clinical & Translational Sciences
Future efforts will combine anatomical MR methods, DTI, and functional MRI to improve the understanding of the relationship between structural and functional brain development. ... Furthermore, Dr. McKinstry hopes to investigate neuroprotection schemes