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Blast-related injuries detected in the brains of US military personnel
...brain injuries Researchers have used DTI to study mild civilian brain injuries previously. This study’s results suggest that there may be fundamental differences between blast-related traumatic brain injuries and the...

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Blast-related injuries detected in the brains of US military personnel
Neuroscientists at Washington University are using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), which measures the diffusion of water through tissue, to examine US military personnel with mild blast-related traumatic brain injuries. ... Traumatic brain injuries are

Detection of blast-related traumatic brain injury in U.S. military personnel | The Hope Center
Abnormalities revealed on DTI were consistent with traumatic axonal injury in many of the subjects with traumatic brain injury. ... DTI findings in U.S. military personnel support the hypothesis that blast-related mild traumatic brain injury can involve

David Brody – The Hope Center
CTE) and head injuries such as blast-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an important area of study, particularly for military and contact sports populations, yet little is known about this ... high pathology control brains, and robustly toxic in a

Mechanical strains, stresses behind traumatic brain injury to get closer look
We are looking at how shear waves move in the brain,” Bayly said. ... To understand shear waves, Bayly suggests visualizing gelatin (Jell-O) as a model for the brain.

The Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences
Keywords:. brain, imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, DTI, perfusion, mathematical modeling. ... Detection of Blast Related Traumatic Brain Injury in US Military Personnel.

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WashU weekly Neuroscience publications | Office of Neuroscience Research
2021. Author Keywords. Alzheimer’s Disease; Amyloid-β; Down syndrome; DTI; PET. Funding details. ... Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, United States.
Controls consisted of 21 military personnel who had blast exposure and other injuries but no clinical diagnosis of traumatic brain injury./pnh4RESULTS:/h4npAbnormalities revealed on DTI were consistent with traumatic axonal ... S. military personnel

High-fidelity measures of whole-brain functional connectivity and white matter integrity mediate relationships between TBI and PTSD symptoms | The Hope Center
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) disrupts brain communication and increases risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ... 3.5 hours of resting-state fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data in each of 26 United States military veterans.