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In the Media

The School of Medicine is one of the leading medical research, teaching and patient-care institutions in the nation. Read some of our stories featured in the national press below.

10/30/14 | Huffington Post

Why does scratching make you itch more? Science has an answer

10/27/14 | Washington Post

Want people to drink less? Make their cigarettes more expensive

10/23/14 | Huffington Post

This breast cancer awareness month, prevention must be a priority

10/22/14 | Health Day

Mutations linked to blood cancers rise with age, study shows

10/14/14 | U.S. News & World Report

Allergy to some metal implants linked to rare skin cancer, study says

10/09/14 | Reuters

Scientists find lung cancer can lie hidden for 20 years

10/08/14 | U.S. News & World Report

Ovarian cancer detected in vaginal fluid, researchers report

10/03/14 | New York Times

A study bolsters a call to use long-acting contraceptives

10/01/14 | USA Today

Study: Free IUDs, implants cut teen pregnancies

09/25/14 | CBS News

Peers, not genetics, make teens more likely to drink

09/18/14 | Newsweek

Schizophrenia is actually eight distinct genetic disorders: New study

09/17/14 | Washington Post

Think you’re healthy? You may be carrying around viruses you don’t even know about

09/16/14 | ABC news

Man survives rare cancer thanks to new ‘targeted’ therapy

09/15/14 | New York Times

Beyond Marriage

09/15/14 | USA Today

Schizophrenia is eight different diseases, not one

09/10/14 | Fox News

Sheets, towels, TV remotes key reservoirs for MRSA contamination

09/05/14 | PBS Newshour

Will the NFL be safer this year?

09/04/14 | Fox News

Uninformed breast cancer patients more apt to consider removing unaffected breast

08/28/14 | NPR

How Ebola kills you: It’s not the virus

08/27/14 | Huffington Post

A Main Street way to help obese people

08/21/14 | Time

Blood transfusions could reduce strokes in kids with sickle-cell anemia

08/19/14 | U.S. News & World Report

Researchers unlock clues to how Ebola disarms immune system

08/13/14 | Wall Street Journal

Does the sea air have curative powers?

08/12/14 | Fox News

Robin Williams death: The difference between depression and normal sadness

08/11/14 | New York Times

Baby pictures at the doctor’s? Cute, sure, but illegal

08/07/14 | New York Times

Prostate cancer screening still not recommended for all

08/06/14 | Time

Young kids diagnosed with depression can’t shake it later

07/22/14 | Wall Street Journal

Study finds new cancer risk from hysterectomy device

07/18/14 | Wall Street Journal

Isaiah Austin’s diagnosis boosts Marfan Syndrome awareness

07/17/14 | New York Daily News

Smokers at a higher risk for suicide: study

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