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In the Media

07/22/14 | Wall Street Journal

Study finds new cancer risk from hysterectomy device

07/18/14 | Wall Street Journal

Isaiah Austin’s diagnosis boosts Marfan Syndrome awareness

07/17/14 | New York Daily News

Smokers at a higher risk for suicide: study

07/08/14 | Time Magazine

The IUD: The best form of birth control is the one no one is using

07/08/14 | Time Magazine

Study: Pro-pot twitter accounts reach hundreds of thousands of kids

07/08/14 | Huffington Post

Parents of kids with autism more likely to have traits of autism (study)

06/26/14 | The Atlantic

How supportive parenting protects the brain

06/25/14 | Scientific American

Therapy: This time it’s personal

06/22/14 | Los Angeles Times

For troops, concussions from blast waves or impact are equally disabling

06/16/14 | Time Magazine

Sitting can increase your risk of cancer by up to 66%

06/16/14 | HealthDay

Study: Similar outcomes from combat head injuries, regardless of cause

06/11/14 | The New York Times

Malnutrition: Starving children lack crucial gut bacteria

06/05/14 | NPR Here & Now

Young doctor becomes crusader to keep teens out of tanning beds

06/05/14 | U.S. News & World Report

New drug may boost survival for advanced prostate cancer patients: Study

06/04/14 | NBC News

When food isn’t enough: Gut bugs affect malnutrition, too, study finds

05/30/14 | NBC News

New face of heroin is young, white and suburban, study finds

05/29/14 | New York Times

Nine scientists are awarded Kavli Prizes

05/20/14 | Fox News

Study questions benefit of vitamin D for asthma sufferers

05/15/14 | Fox News

Common antidepressant may halt plaque growth associated with Alzheimer’s

05/14/14 | Huffington Post

Antidepressant may slow Alzheimer’s disease, study finds

05/09/14 | BBC News

Multiple sclerosis discovery may explain gender gap

05/08/14 | U.S. News & World Report

The health benefits of greek yogurt

05/02/14 | Wall Street Journal

Two more prominent hospitals halt hysterectomy procedure

05/01/14 | Public Radio International

Malnourished children in sub-Saharan Africa are not getting the life-saving drugs they need

04/28/14 | The Economist

Manganese poisoning: Subtle effects

04/17/14 | BBC News

Goggles help surgeons ‘see’ tumors

04/15/14 | MSN / Men's Health

13 health issues you’re too embarrassed to bring up

04/08/14 | Consumer Reports

Dangers of CT scans

04/07/14 | Reuters

Cigarette smoking may lead to excess fat, calorie consumption in women with obesity, study finds

04/07/14 | NBC News

Scientists unveil first wiring diagram for mouse brains

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