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In the Media

The School of Medicine is one of the leading medical research, teaching and patient-care institutions in the nation. Read some of our stories featured in the national press below.

01/29/15 | BBC World Service

Viruses and chronic gut disease

01/28/15 | NBC News

Chemicals linked to early menopause

01/26/15 | Washington Post

It’s official: Twitter loves #weed

01/23/15 | Health Day

Viruses may play role in Crohn’s disease and colitis

01/22/15 | Huffington Post

Everything you need to know about getting an IUD

01/20/15 | New York Times

Study: Environment trumps genetics in shaping immune system

01/15/15 | Health Day

Depression, anxiety can precede memory loss in Alzheimer’s, study finds

01/14/15 | Time

There’s a promising pill for binge eating disorder

01/08/15 | Huffington Post

Yes, it’s possible to be obese and healthy (sort of)

01/08/15 | The Atlantic

Childhood guilt, adult depression?

01/06/15 | Los Angeles Times

Healthy obesity: Not a fantasy (but rare and elusive)

12/31/14 | Health Day

Hepatitis C infection isn’t related to HIV brain woes: Study

12/29/14 | New York Times

In a new approach to fighting disease, helpful genetic mutations are sought

12/29/14 | The Washington Post

Want to reduce teen pregnancy and abortion? Start with long-term birth control.

12/24/14 | Time

You asked: What’s the healthiest sweetener

12/23/14 | GQ Magazine

How to avoid putting on weight this Christmas

12/23/14 | Huffington Post

At Christmas, I am grateful for good leadership

12/10/14 | Los Angeles Times

Laughing all the way…out of depression

12/01/14 | TIme

Breast cancer vaccine shows promise in slowing progress

11/26/14 | New York Times

Panel rejects sternest F.D.A. warning for steroid shots

11/25/14 | The Atlantic

If you keep texting, your head will fall off

11/25/14 | Fox News

Muscle relaxant may treat rare form of diabetes, scientists find

11/20/14 | New York Times

Viruses as a cure

11/18/14 | Washington Post

Federal drug agents launch surprise inspections of NFL teams following games

11/15/14 | NPR Science Friday

Here kitty, kitty: The genetics of tame animals

11/14/14 | BBC News

Gene error ‘reduces heart attack and cholesterol risk’

11/13/14 | Health Day

Guidelines aim to reduce second surgeries after breast cancer lumpectomy

11/11/14 | NBC News

Genome reveals how cats evolved to tolerate humans

11/09/14 | Reuters

INSIGHT – After hep C cure, companies target next big liver disease market

11/07/14 | Los Angeles Times

When obesity is an inherited trait, maybe gut bacteria is the link

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