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IN THE NEWS July 12, 2016
As leaders in medicine, we are frequently featured in the media both locally and nationally. Here are highlights from the past two weeks:

Mets place Matt Harvey on disabled list
New York Times
July 6, 2016
Dr. Robert Thompson

In predicting a stroke’s toll, location matters, but so do connections
Los Angeles Times
July 11, 2016

Zika and Dengue immunity: A complex relationship

The Scientist
June 28, 2016
Michael Diamond
Related news release

Infection experts warn of more U.S. superbug cases in coming months
Reuters/St. Louis Post-Dispatch
July 11, 2016
Gautam Dantas/WUSM
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Hospitals reunite patients with their pets for comfort, healing
July 2, 2016

The older the drinking age, the lower the illness rates?
UPI/HealthDay News
June 28, 2016
Dr. Richard Grucza

With hippotherapy, the horse provides the therapy
The New York Times
July 5, 2016
Dr. Tim Shurtleff
Other outlet: Houston Chronicle/The New York Times

You asked: Do sugar substitutes cause type 2 diabetes?
July 6, 2016
Dr. Yanina Pepino
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Why most Alzheimer’s research is done on early-onset patients like Pat Summitt
June 29, 2016
Eric McDade/WUSM

The first sign of Alzheimer’s disease may not be what you think
July 7, 2016
Dr. Denise Head
Other outlets: NextAvenue.org (Twin Cities Public TV), and Men’s Health
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Light-speed camera captures split-second action
Scientific American
July 5, 2016
Dr. Lihong Wang
Other outlets: MumbaiMirror, and India TV
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Physicians are deeply divided on a new food-draining weight-loss device
July 8, 2016
Dr. Shelby Sullivan

Lawmakers want to end blood donation restrictions for gay men

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
June 28, 2016
Dr. Ronald Jackups/SLCH

Enjoy the 4th without ‘blowing’ things out of proportion
June 30, 2016
Dr. Gil Grand

Research roundup: Here’s how local scientists are helping the fight against Zika
KWMU (St. Louis Public Radio)
July 4, 2016
Dr. Michael Diamond
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St. Louis County making headway in effort to slow opioid addiction, overdose deaths
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
July 7, 2016
Dr. David Tan

Fish with creepy curved backbones could help explain scoliosis
July 7, 2016
Dr. Christina Gurnett

German families with dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease meet for the first time
July 9, 2016
Dr. Randy Bateman

Butterflies on hospital doors
Independent Journalism Review
June 28, 2016

Play it safe with fireworks
June 30, 2016
Dr. Gil Grand
Other outlet: KSDK

Health officials urge prostate cancer patients to screen BRCA gene
July 8, 2016
Dr. Gerald Andriole

Examining proper usage of opioid medication
July 11, 2016
Dr. Michael Bottros/BJH

Keep the kids learning out of the classroom
June 30, 2016
Dr. Kelly Ross/SLCH

Medical research roundup
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
July 8, 2016
Drs. Victoria Fraser, Randall Bateman, Kenneth Freedland, Aprana Agrawal, Timothy Holy, Shabaana Khader, Daniel Marcus, Marcus Raichle

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