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IN THE NEWS March 1, 2013
As leaders in medicine, we are frequently featured in the media both locally and nationally. Here are highlights from the past two weeks:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – front page
Are too many MO children taking medication for ADHD?
Dr. Jill Isenberg and Dr. Ramesh Raghavan comment on a new CDC report showing that 80% of Missouri children diagnosed with ADHD are on medication, the second highest rate in the nation. The Post-Dispatch also featured an Editorial on the same subject in the 2/11/13 edition.

NFL funds concussion research at WUSM
Tom O’Neal talks to a former NFL player and neurologist Dr. David Brody about his research on repeat concussions and how it affects the brain. Related news release

Mother Jones
Can antibiotics cure hunger?
Work from Drs. Jeff Gordon, Mark Manary and Indi Trehan are featured in this article about malnutrition studies published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine and Science. Related news releases here and here

Suburban Journals
Program helps hospitals quicken heart attack care
Area hospitals have teamed up to reduce the time from heart attack to treatment in the St. Louis region. Barnes-Jewish Hospital cardiac intensive care unit director Dr. Richard Bach co-chairs the American Heart Association Mission Lifeline committee that is implementing the new process.

Baby born with organs outside body 2/7/2014
A rare abdominal wall defect called an omphalocele caused little Hayden Hoskins’ liver and intestine to develop outside of his body. When she was preparing to deliver Hayden at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in January, maternal fetal medicine specialist Dr. Alison Cahill told his parents to listen for his cries. Watch the delivery and read more here. The Hoskins family’s story was also covered by the Huffington Post and the Mail Online.

7 Diseases That Strike Younger Than You Think
Dr. Kathy Diemer offers tips for fighting osteoporosis.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Younger patients fare better after rib surgery like Chris Carpenter
Dr. Robert Thompson explains Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) which has sidelined Cardinal’s pitcher Chris Carpenter for 2013, and possibly ended his career. FOX 2 also did a story for the evening newscasts. Dr. Thompson has two studies out in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Related news release

New York Times
Study Points to Shorter Treatments for Prostate Cancer
Siteman Cancer Center’s Dr. Bruce Roth comments on a study showing men with prostate cancer and treated with hormone therapy for 18 months fared just as well as men treated with hormone therapy for 36 months.

The Washington Post
Treatment worse than the disease? Study questions need to remove kidney cancer in the elderly
Siteman Cancer Center’s Dr. Bruce Roth comments on an observational study showing that kidney cancer patients age 66 and older are more likely to suffer complications from surgery than from the slow-growing cancer.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Exercise, eating right leads to medical assistant’s weight loss
Story features Deloris Brown, Infectious Diseases medical assistant, and her participation in WUSM’s Tread the Med. Learn more about Tread the Med here.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Senior Focus column on hip fracture
Dr. Ellen Binder offers tips on how to best recover from a hip fracture.

Huffington Post
Appendix Evolved Over 30 Times, May Perform Useful Function
Dr. Indi Trehan comments on how our appendix might benefit us.

Springfield Journal-Register
Valentine heart means more to family of transplant recipient
A Barnes-Jewish Hospital heart transplant patient celebrates one year with her healthy heart on Valentine’s Day. Dr. Greg Ewald says he hopes that her story will inspire others to register as organ donors.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Kidney transplants riskier for obese patients
Dr. Jeffrey Lowell, a Washington University transplant surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, weighs in on new research about obesity in kidney transplant recipients.

Children’s mental health after trauma
Dr. Randi Mozenter, a psychologist on staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, joins KMOX’s Fred Bodimer to talk about helping children deal with traumatic life events.

St. Louis Business Journal
‘Game-changing’ cardiac surgery
Dr. Phil Cuculich comments on the new, minimally-invasive Lariat surgery for high-risk patients with atrial fibrillation.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Washington University student overcomes testicular cancer
Washington University student Brendan Ziebarth battled testicular cancer and still attended classes. Now he’s cancer-free. Dr. Bruce Roth, director of medical oncology at Siteman Cancer Center – South County discusses the importance for potential males to check themselves because a yearly physical may be too infrequent to catch a growing mass.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – front page
St. Louis hospital uses step-by-step approach to triumph over brain injuries
Story focuses on the pediatric neuro critical care unit headed by Dr. Jose Pineda.

Deadly skin cancer myths among people of color
People of color can and do get skin cancer. Dr. Lynn Cornelius, chief of dermatology, comments.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Pig whipworms might be latest icky treatment for gut conditions
Dr. Themos Dassopoulos comments on new research for Crohn’s disease.

North County Cancer Cluster Investigation
Siteman Cancer Center oncologist Dr. Rama Suresh discusses appendix cancer cases in Missouri – specifically in North County.

The Economist
Only Connect
Drs. Marcus Raichle and Steve Petersen discuss the Human Connectome Project to map the human brain. Related news release

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