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IN THE NEWS February 16, 2023
As leaders in medicine, we are frequently featured in the media both locally and nationally. Here are highlights from the past two weeks:

Dangerous fungi are spreading across U.S. as temperatures rise
Wall Street Journal
February 1, 2023
Dr. Andrej Spec
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How the language of therapy took over dating
The New York Times
February 11, 2023
Dr. Jessica Gold

EXPLAINER: How does COVID-19 affect the heart?
U.S. News & World Report
February 10, 2023
Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly
Other outlets: TODAY
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Frightened by fungal zombies in The Last of Us? The real-life threat is terrifying, too
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
February 4, 2023
Dr. Andrej Spec

Couples and colleagues: how scientist duos marry work and home life
February 14, 2023
Drs. Meaghan Creed and Alexxai Kravitz

COVID rebound can happen even without Paxlovid
Scientific American
February 8, 2023
Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly

Obesity in the age of Ozempic
February 7, 2023
Dr. Samuel Klein

Pancreatic cancer claimed Robbie Knievel—here are the key symptoms
Eat This, Not That
January 31, 2023
Dr. Ryan Fields

Fast-acting nonhormonal male birth control prevents pregnancy in mice
The Scientist
February 15, 2023
Dr. Celia Santi

Doctors say these are the signs of stomach cancer, including lack of appetite
Eat This Not That
January 30, 2023
Dr. Nicholas Trikalinos

How the U.S. can get ahead of a spreading disease caused by fungal spores
Rolling Stone
February 8, 2023
Dr. Patrick Mazi

Taking vitamin D supplements regularly may reduce your skin cancer risk, study says
Eat This Not That
January 26, 2023
Dr. Slade Stratton

How poverty, stress, and trauma can change the brain structure in children
January 31, 2023
Drs. Joan Luby and Deanna M. Barch

What to do if you feel a breast lump
Everyday Health
February 8, 2023
Dr. Debbie Bennett

Pollution from life-saving drugs may add to superbug crisis, UN says
February 9, 2023
Dr. Jason Burnham

Asking teens about suicide may raise odds they’ll get help
United Press International
February 6, 2023
Dr. Alecia Vogel-Hammen

Go Red: St. Louis women advised to take charge of heart health
February 6, 2023
Dr. Angela Brown

New study: 30% decrease in cervical cancers in 30 years
January 31, 2023
Dr. Andrea Hagemann

Black doulas in St. Louis want Black mothers to have a voice — and healthy babies
KWMU (St. Louis Public Radio)
February 2, 2023
Dr. Jeannie Kelly

Study: HPV vaccine is leading cause of decrease of cervical cancer cases
January 31, 2023
Dr. Lindsay Kuroki

How to stop catastrophic thinking at bedtime
February 9, 2023
Dr. Brendan Lucey

Doctors of Washington University Physicians of Illinois Inc. brings specialized cardiothoracic care to Belleville IL.
KSDK-TV NewsChannel5
February 8, 2023
Drs. Harold Roberts and Brian Meyers

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