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Jennifer S. Stith, PT, PhD, LCSW

Jennifer S. Stith, PT, PhD, LCSW, professor of physical therapy and of neurology, is honored for her excellence in educating and mentoring graduate students.

Since she joined the faculty in 1984, Stith has impacted the training of thousands of graduate students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and the Movement Science PhD degree programs within the Program in Physical Therapy.

She leads by example in her role as division director of education, which she has held for the past decade. As the associate director of professional education since 1991, she has developed new courses and implemented systematic processes for curriculum review to ensure that the latest evidence-based practices are taught. She was a driving force in establishing the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education, which brings together students from the programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, audiology, pharmacy and nursing for collaborative training experiences. Widely recognized for her compassion, Stith also has helped develop dynamic diversity training workshops to foster inclusion within the medical center as well as society as a whole. She was among the leaders who participated in the university’s inaugural Inclusion and Diversity Institute for Healthcare.

Stith has an exemplary history of contributions to education, advocacy, service and research within the fields of physical therapy and movement science. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the Missouri Physical Therapy Association and is a member of the Education Leadership Council at Washington University School of Medicine. Stith has served as editorial board member of the Journal of Physical Therapy Education for more than 12 years. She earned her doctoral degree in 1994 and a masters degree in 2006, both at Washington University.

Published: 09/13/2017