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Paul J. Goodfellow, PhD

Paul J. Goodfellow, PhD

Paul J. Goodfellow, PhD, professor of surgery, of genetics and of obstetrics and gynecology, is being honored as an exceptional educator who has mentored and inspired the numerous clinicians who have passed through his laboratory.

A true translational scientist, Goodfellow is praised for his dedication to women’s cancer research. His work focuses on elucidating the genetic and epigenetic factors that contribute to risk for the development of tumors, and the molecular changes that drive tumorigenesis. In addition to his basic research acumen, Goodfellow has an excellent understanding of the clinical issues surrounding gynecologic malignancies. His research efforts have led to advances in the care of women with endometrial cancer. Clinical fellows spend time in his laboratory as part of their fellowship in gynecologic oncology, and Goodfellow provides guidance and encouragement as their research skills and understanding of tumor biology are refined.

Goodfellow’s trainees report that his enthusiastic mentorship is matched only by the gratitude of those he has taught. Current and former mentees speak of his willingness to share his time, scientific advice and insight on seeking funding, and of his ongoing support of their careers. He serves as a role model, friend and mentor to many individuals across departments and labs.

Goodfellow is the principle investigator for Washington University’s Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in endometrial cancer. He is an active member of the NCI-sponsored Gynecologic Oncology Group and has served on numerous National Institutes of Health study sections and special review panels.

Goodfellow earned his bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, in 1978. He earned a master’s degree in plant pathology from the University of Tennessee in 1980 and a doctoral degree five years later in biology/pediatrics from Queen’s University. He joined Washington University School of Medicine in 1992.

Published: 01/14/2011