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2012 White Coat Ceremony

For Doctor of Medicine students in the incoming class of 2012, orientation at the School of Medicine culminated on August 17th with a traditional rite of passage, the White Coat Ceremony. At the ceremony, students of the largest-ever MD class at Washington University — 124 students from 32 states and ten countries — took an oath and received their white coats. The white coat symbolizes professionalism and compassion in patient care.

In the oath, which they had written as a class, students pledged to serve as their patients’ advocates, educating and empowering them as “guardians of their own health.” Keynote speaker Andrew J. White, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, asked of students: “Every time you see your coat, use it as a reminder of everything you promise today. If you do that, you represent your profession very well.”

Read the Student Oath

With this oath, I commit myself to the responsibilities of a physician in training and to the obligations of the medical profession.

I will faithfully serve the well-being of my patients and strive to prevent, treat, and cure disease. I will endeavor to be worthy of their trust through honest and sensitive communication. I will treat my patients with dignity, respect their individuality, safeguard their confidence, and serve as their advocate. I will educate and empower them as guardians of their own health.

As a representative of the medical profession I will hold myself accountable to the public for the trust placed in me. I will strive to improve the quality of health care for all.

In the pursuit of excellence I dedicate myself to a lifetime of learning, teaching, and advancing the art and science of medicine. I will approach my medical education with integrity and humility, respecting the patients and teachers from whom I shall learn. I will foster a collaborative environment respectful of my colleagues in the healthcare community.

I pledge to care for my well being so that I may most effectively care for my patients. I will act within my capabilities and recognize my limitations.

May I hold fast to the enthusiasm and idealism with which I take this pledge. This oath I make freely and upon my honor.

Entering Class of 2012

Torgom Abraamyan
Damien Abreu
Aouod Agenor
Ji Won Ahn
Elnole Akhirome
Brannon Altenhofen
Britt Andersen
Ramy Badie
Moises Baltazar Garcia
Anchal Bansal
Lawrence Benjamin
Nicole Benzoin
Ari Berlin
Michael Bern
Miles Bichanich
Allison Blonski
Lucy Bollinger
Brian Bouchard
Alice Cai
Ishita Chen
Raymond Chen
Simon Chen
Tiffany Cheng
Alicia Chionchio
Chris Chou
Cheryl Chu
Hilary Gallin Cohen
Na Dang
Agnes Dardas
Francis Deng
Chad Donahue
Row Essuman
Estefania Fernandez
Caroline Fischer
Ronald Fowle Grider
Brianna Fram
Ann Frisse
Paul Gamble
Charise Garber
Jose Grajaies
Ashley Gefen
Jeffrey Gluckstein
Tracey Godbold
Daniel Greenstein
Andrew Groves
Emily Heffernen
Kelly Hill
Ari Huverserian
Tien-Phat Huynh
Celina Jacobi
Bayan Jalalizadeh
Rohan Jalalizadeh
Johanna Kaufman
Vanessa Kleckner
GopaI Lalchandani
Katherin Leckie
Dong Lee
Jonathan Lin
Kenneth Lin
Miranda Lindburg
Austin Lohse
Karly Lorbeer
Lisa Ma
Yuntong Ma
Chinwe Madubata
Annelise Mah
Tatenda Mahlokozera
Shahnyar Majidi
Lauren Martin
Martha McGilvray
Cherise Meyerson
Hannah Miller
Jaspur Min
Shruti Mishra
Anand Mohapatra
Keisey Moon
Marie Morris
Lindsey Moses
Timothy Mulvihiil
Landon Oetjen
Katherine Ott
Bo Overschmidt
Mahjabeen Parween
Aalok Patel
Keval Patel
Andrew Terry
Owen Qi
David Quails
Kara Ramsey
Gregory Rippberger
Jocelyn Rodriguez
Aaron Russell
Ernilie Russler
Gina Sacks
Paul Scheel
Vikram Shankar
Alejandro Siller
Scott Skillington
Michael Slade
Sarah Smith
Sam Sun
Erin Swor
Ariel Thomas
Russell Thompson
Punit Vachharajani
Sravya Vajapeyajul
James Vandenberg
Rahul Varman
Daniel Verbaro
Ross Vyhmeister
Julia Wagner
Pengcheng Wang
Jonathan Weese
Jacob Witt
Daphne Xiao
Qi Xiao
Amy Xu
Wen Zhu Xu
Mitsukuni Yoshida
Jenny Yu
Johnny Zhao
Daisy Zhou
Tina Zhu
Ema Zubovic