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A logo’s job is to represent an organization’s brand in a clear, consistent manner. When the many departments, offices and centers at Washington University use the official logos, a unified visual identity emerges. If applied consistently, this identity builds brand recognition over time, allowing individual business units to contribute to and benefit from the reputation of the institution as a whole.

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Department- or program-specific logo configurations

The wide variety of programs, services and activities at Washington University might compel us to create distinct brand identities for each business unit. However, the strength of our brand is university-wide, and the strongest, most recognized identity that any department, program or other business unit can project is that of the university itself.

For this reason, business units are discouraged from developing separate logos for departments, programs, labs and other groups.

Instead, Medical Public Affairs can create a special “lockup” for your business unit that pairs your group’s name with the School of Medicine or Physicians logo. These lockups provide business units a distinct identity that is also consistent with the university’s established visual brand.

If you are interested in Medical Public Affairs developing a lockup for your business unit, please complete the assistance request form.

For more information regarding branding, please contact Medical Public Affairs at 314-286-0100.

School of Medicine logos

See School of Medicine logo sets »

Washington University Physicians / FPP logos

See Physicians logo sets »

Co-branded logos with hospital partners

Although Washington University physicians and providers practice at many locations throughout the region, the School of Medicine has official branding arrangements in place with its main teaching hospitals – Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital – to communicate its joint clinical efforts with these partners.

These agreements establish a shared visual identity, often referred to as a co-brand, for Washington University and its clinical partners. Co-branding on clinical communications helps advance the interests of all partners in the clinical enterprise.

Activities or communications aimed at patients or referring providers and related to joint clinical activities with one or more of our affiliated hospital partners should use an approved co-branded logo.

To request use of a co-branded mark, please complete the assistance request form.

All communications that use any co-branded mark should be reviewed by Medical Public Affairs and the Faculty Practice Plan’s Office of Marketing Communications.

Siteman Cancer Center

Special permission is required for use of the Siteman Cancer Center logo due to the complexity of its logo sets and branding guidelines.

Please contact Medical Public Affairs for assistance.

Use of third-party logos

Official co-branding agreements cover the use of the Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital logos, as noted above.

The university discourages business units from placing any other third-party logos on university communications or promotional materials and instead recommends representing third-party identities in text only.

Any use of third-party logos requires review by Medical Public Affairs.

How can we help you?

For further assistance with School of Medicine or Physicians branding, information on when and how to use marks co-branded with our partner institutions, or other questions related to these logo guidelines, please contact the Office of Medical Public Affairs at 314-286-0100.

For additional Washington University logos, symbols and marks, visit the website for the Office of Public Affairs.