National Council

The School of Medicine’s National Council is an advisory board whose membership consists of alumni, benefactors, as well as leaders in the fields of medicine and business. The Council meets twice a year with the Dean to discuss the School and its mission and to provide advice on initiatives and projects.

  • Craig D. Schnuck
  • Floyd E. Bloom, MD
  • Robert G. Clark
  • Peter B. Corr, PhD
  • George W. Couch III
  • Andrew B. Craig III
  • Joann L. Data, MD
  • Joseph M. Davie, MD, PhD
  • Robert C. Drews, MD
  • John P. Dubinsky
  • David C. Farrell
  • Daniel P. Getman, PhD
  • Jay A. Kaiser, MD
  • Charles F. Knight
  • Steven H. Lipstein
  • Carol B. Loeb
  • Richard J. Mahoney
  • James S. McDonnell III
  • Walter L. Metcalfe Jr.
  • Marilyn Moffat, PhD
  • Patricia M. Nagel
  • William Neaves, PhD
  • Philip Needleman, PhD
  • Andrew E. Newman
  • Roger M. Perlmutter, MD, PhD
  • Gordon W. Philpott, MD
  • Mrs. Mary Dell Pritzlaff
  • Allan H. Rappaport, MD, JD
  • Barbara J. Reynolds, MD
  • Pejman Salimpour, MD
  • Kelvin R. Westbrook
  • William P. Wiesmann, MD
  • Raymond H. Wittcoff
  • Roma Broida Wittcoff
  • Joyce F. Wood
  • Pamela Gallin Yablon, MD

Last Modification: 10/22/2013