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Distinguished Faculty Awards

The Distinguished Faculty awards recognize outstanding achievements in clinical care, community service, research and teaching. They are co-sponsored by the dean's office, the Office of Faculty Affairs, Central Administration and the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council.

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  • Cynthia A. Wichelman, MD

    Cynthia A. Wichelman, MD

    Distinguished Community Service Award

    Cynthia A. Wichelman, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine and adjunct professor of business, is recognized for her role as... MORE»

  • Brent E. Ruoff, MD

    Brent E. Ruoff, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    Brent E. Ruoff, MD, chief of emergency medicine, is honored for his nationally recognized expertise in emergency medicine and his... MORE»

  • Daniel Riew, MD

    Daniel Riew, MD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Daniel Riew, MD, Mildred B. Simon Distinguished Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Professor of Neurosurgery is recognized for his outstanding... MORE»

  • David B. Carr, MD

    David B. Carr, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    David B. Carr, MD, professor of medicine and of neurology, is being recognized as an outstanding clinician in the area... MORE»

  • David C. Beebe, PhD

    David C. Beebe, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    David C. Beebe, PhD, the Janet and Bernard Becker Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, is being honored as an... MORE»

  • David T. Balzer, MD

    David T. Balzer, MD

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    David T. Balzer, MD, professor of pediatrics, is recognized for his skill and dedication as a pediatric interventional cardiologist. Regarded... MORE»

  • Gregory M. Polites, MD

    Gregory M. Polites, MD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Gregory M. Polites, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine, is being honored for his skill and dedication in medical student... MORE»

  • Janet B. McGill, MD, MA

    Janet B. McGill, MD, MA

    Distinguished Clinician Award

    Janet B. McGill, MD, MA, professor of medicine, is being recognized as a superb clinician in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.... MORE»

  • John E. Heuser, MD

    John E. Heuser, MD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    John E. Heuser, MD, professor of cell biology and physiology, is honored for his innovative use of electron microscopy in... MORE»

  • Joseph L. Price, PhD

    Joseph L. Price, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Joseph L. Price, PhD, professor of anatomy and neurobiology, is honored for his outstanding contributions to medical student education. Price... MORE»

  • Michael R. Jarvis, PhD, MD

    Michael R. Jarvis, PhD, MD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Michael R. Jarvis, PhD, MD, professor of psychiatry, is recognized for outstanding contributions to house staff teaching. Jarvis is the... MORE»

  • Peter M.J. Burgers, PhD

    Peter M.J. Burgers, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Peter M.J. Burgers, PhD, the Marvin Brennecke Professor of Biological Chemistry, is honored for his accomplishments as an internationally recognized... MORE»

  • Robert F. Poirier, MD, FACEP

    Robert F. Poirier, MD, FACEP

    Distinguished Community Service Award

    Robert F. Poirier Jr., MD, FACEP, assistant professor of emergency medicine, is being recognized for his commitment to initiatives aimed... MORE»

  • Robert M. Senior, MD, MLA

    Robert M. Senior, MD, MLA

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Robert M. Senior, MD, the Dorothy R. and Hubert C. Moog Professor of Pulmonary Diseases in Medicine and professor of... MORE»

  • Stephen Kerry Kornfeld, MD, PhD

    Stephen Kerry Kornfeld, MD, PhD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    Kerry Kornfeld, MD, PhD, professor of developmental biology, is being honored for his transformative efforts in graduate medical education at... MORE»

  • Valeria Cavalli, PhD

    Valeria Cavalli, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Valeria Cavalli, PhD, assistant professor of neurobiology, is being honored for her outstanding investigations on the regulation of nerve cell... MORE»

  • Vitaly A. Klyachko, PhD

    Vitaly A. Klyachko, PhD

    Distinguished Investigator Award

    Vitaly A. Klyachko, PhD, assistant professor of cell biology and physiology and of biomedical engineering, is recognized for his influential... MORE»

  • W. Edwin Dodson, MD

    W. Edwin Dodson, MD

    Distinguished Educator Award

    W. Edwin Dodson, MD, who recently retired as associate vice chancellor and associate dean for admissions and financial aid, is... MORE»